The Cubist Collective Whitepaper

Community-Driven Portfolio Management

The flow of information from NFT projects via Discord and Twitter is massive. Organizing this information into coherent insights is a daunting challenge, especially when trying to stay ahead of the curve. Most people resort to scrolling through endless twitter feeds and cluttered discord channels for the next piece of valuable “alpha” and end up sacrificing their most valuable asset: their time. We started the Cubist Collective as a way to address these problems within the NFT communities.

Portfolio Overview App

The current data sources available for monitoring portfolios are extremely spread out. Getting an overview typically requires visiting multiple websites and a lot of manual analysis. By leveraging the Cubist Collective protocol, members will have access to a full suite of management tools that provide both personalized portfolio insights as well as standard data on projects. This enables app users to instantly identify which aspects need attention at any given point in time.

  • Crowdsourced market sentiment and community predictions: See which collections the community is bullish/bearish on, both for existing and new mints
  • Upcoming events for your portfolio: Keep track of upcoming airdrops, snapshots, token drops, delisting rewards, and more
  • Simple and clean portfolio overview: Value development, purchase/sales prices, and today’s top insights on your holdings
  • Standard metrics such as floor price, rarity, and intraday volume all in one place
  • Transaction monitoring: Get notified when you receive airdrops or when an item sells
  • Listing Management: See your listed NFTs from all marketplaces in a single location. Easily find items that are unlikely to sell at the current price
  • AI appraisal service: We use machine learning to estimate the value of individual NFTs based on traits, rarity, historic sales, and current market conditions
  • Simplified selling: Suggestion of marketplace and price for each NFT in your wallet. Based on transaction data and automated appraisal. Direct link or integration to the marketplace
  • Additional advanced analytics tools and data sources: We build the tools that will add the most value to the community. These are based on multiple data sources like on-chain, marketplaces, social

Cubist Contributor Rewards Program

Cubist Collective will have a Community Incentive Fund in order to maintain regular payouts. The fund will be seeded with:

  • 20% of the proceeds from the mint,
  • Continuously receive 25% of the royalties from secondary markets,
  • and a weekly allocation of $CUBIST.

The Rewards Pool

The weekly Rewards Pool is created with funds from the Community Incentive Fund. Verified members can give others a share of the weekly pool by adding a special emoji to posts they consider valuable. Our custom Discord bot keeps track of the emojis and distributes the rewards pool according to the number of emojis received by each member at the end of the week. So if you have alpha or concise thoughts, you will be rewarded!

Prediction Market

We will set up a simplified prediction market where members can predict whether they expect the floor of different NFT projects to increase or decrease in the near term. For new projects, they can predict whether the floor will rise above mint. Entering the prediction market will be free and winners will be rewarded from the Community Incentive Fund.

Top Lists and Prices

Gamification will be central to our compensation model. Top contributors will receive special roles recognizing their efforts in building our community. We will also host regular competitions where we award additional prizes for top performing members in the prediction market.

What’s next?

The community participation incentives will evolve over time as we grow and learn together. We will build together and the community will have a large impact on our future compensation model.

The Flywheel

The different components of Cubist Collective work together to create a “flywheel”, or positive feedback loop. This builds momentum by continuously improving the collective value for all community members:

The Cubist Collective Flywheel for generating value

Bringing Fine Art to Solana

We haven’t forgotten about the art. Our NFTs are inspired by Pablo Picasso and the Cubism movement of the early 20th century. We have also been inspired by contemporary artists such as Laurent Folco and, in particular, the Cubism Pop Art style by Thomas C. Fedro.

Whitelist: Proof-of-Value

To access our whitelist, users need to contribute to the community: we call this Proof-of-Value. This happens in one of two ways:

  1. Admins and moderators whitelisting anyone they believe will add value to the community
  2. Be active on our discord: Existing whitelist members use our Cubist Coin reaction to mark valuable posts in the discord in the same way that our rewards system will work. Users who receive the Cubist Coin from 10 unique members will be whitelisted*
  • Direct valuable contributors to Discord and help them understand our project (Yes, we know it’s a bit on the gigabrain side)
  • Share alpha and have fun, but please no shilling
  • Help us spread the word: Write and send out good tweets, a Medium article, or anything that is helpful and share it to our Discord
  • Be a positive influence to the community and join in the conversation on Discord by being a helpful person

The Cubist Coin

$CUBIST is the protocol’s native token. It is used to reward both contributors and holders of our first-generation NFTs. The first use for $CUBIST will be the ability to mint an Early Supporter Badge, before we even launch the main sale. Only 100 Early Supporter Badges will be available and the holders of those will be airdropped a Cubist Collective NFT. This means you can earn a free mint by contributing to our community and trying out our systems!

Collection Size and Price

Since we wish to grow our community organically and we are currently seeing very high volatility in Solana prices, we will set collection size, price, and date at a later date when we can accurately gauge the ideal size of our Cubist family. The Cubist Collective will benefit from having a large group of members to monitor projects together. The more active, contributing members, the stronger network effects and more value delivered.


We have kept the roadmap short for three reasons

  • The crypto space moves at light-speed,
  • we expect Cubist Collective to be a learning process for everyone,
  • we want the community involved in setting priorities.

Want more?

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Cubist Collective

Cubist Collective


Cubist Collective is a community-driven portfolio management protocol built on the Solana blockchain and powered by a unique contributor rewards program.